Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities For:
  • Foreign Associates / companies / Institutions Foreign Educational Institutions and Colleges Institutions Business persons / companies across Worldwide
Business Opportunities For Foreign Associates/ Companies Seeking Skilled Manpower From India:

We act as a helping hand and guiding light for overseas companies who are looking for skilled manpower for short term or long term employment from New Delhi or other parts of India for work opportunities in foreign countries. It is not at all easy for a foreign employer to locate manpower from India or other countries. We give simple and cost effective solutions for the complex and ever changing requirements of the corporate world. These factors at the work place are driving many companies to source skilled manpower from abroad at comparatively cheaper wages. We have a huge database of clients from all over India in virtually all the professional fields which are highly in demand in Countries like Australia, Canada, UK & USA. We can help companies locate suitable workers with minimum efforts from foreign employer and at a reasonable cost.
Mentioned below are only a few of some of the sought after professionals in different fields who are keenly interested to work abroad. The skilled professionals from New Delhi and other parts of India are fluent in English and possess many advantages compared to people from less developed countries and professionals from China who possess limited English skills. We have the ready database of clients who are interested in settling or working abroad.

  • Engineering professionals,
  • Trades people,
  • Medical professionals,
  • Software engineers,
  • Hospitality industry,
  • Education professionals like pre-primary, primary and secondary teachers of science, mathematics and other subjects

For Colleges And Universities Who Are Looking For Tie Ups In New Delhi, India As Regional College/University Representative Offices In New Delhi Or For Agents To Recruit Students For Overseas Study Options :

We also have prospective students who are good at English and who are planning to study abroad. The students heavily rely on us for deciding on Colleges and Universities and choosing various courses in countries like Australia, UK USA, Canada and across the world. We would be more than happy to address the reputed colleges and universities in India as a sole representative or as an official representative for the city of New Delhi. We have students in various streams who are regularly going for various courses like

  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Post Graduation Diplomas in various streams
  • Nursing Diploma and Bachelors Degrees
  • Cookery and pastry making
  • Masters in Law
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Trades certificate courses
  • Engineering

For Indian Business People Who Want To Set Up A Business In Overseas Education Or Immigration As A Franchise Or As A Free Lancing Business Associate:

Quality drives our success. We at Next World Immigration, New Delhi believe in franchising for establishing network of interdependent business relationships which allows you:
Usage of an Established Brand Name
Promotional help for leads generation
Usage of Tried and Tested Business Formula saving Time & Money
Usage of Set Management Tools & Practices
Training and knowledge enhancement at regular intervals
Attractive incentive for excellent returns on investment.
Our systematic franchising program gives you access to the know-how and expertise that comes from several years of experience in the field of immigration services and study abroad services. The Companys professional approach and flexibility to adapt new practices and business opportunities offers you multifaceted benefits, which include the marketing and extensive advertising of the services that you would be offering to the clients. Also, our well researched training and orientation modules and resources would be made available to you so as to keep you abreast of the latest. With an established infrastructure and a strong support system venturing for an opportunity like this would be a smooth sail for you.

Why Franchisee?

Franchising is the most accepted mode of expanding or starting a new business venture, where an established company with its rich business experience transfers its expertise and knowledge to another company or individual giving them a clear head start in their venture.

  • Rights of Intellectual Property
  • Seminar and marketing activities support
  • Training and orientation of staff
  • Back Up Support
  • Corporate Advertising Support
  • Promotional Material
  • Target Planning and help in execution

Investment Option For Indian Business People :?

A Bhumbla franchisee's investment for Indian Business person involves:

  • One time franchisee fee.
  • 550-1000 square feet of office space.
  • Infrastructure expenses 2.5 -10 Lac INR.
  • Working Capital.
One Time Franchise Fee:

  • A Class City : US $ 11,000.00
  • B Class City : US $ 7,500.00
  • C Class City : US $ 5,000.00
  • Business Associate : US $ 1,000.00 as one time non refundable security fee
  • Interested persons may email their detailed resume with Business Profile, & Office Space available to:
  • Email:-

Bhumbla is a international movement of people into a destination business startup in new way.